Top 5 Nastiest Pitches You Missed This Week - April 28th


1. Alex Colome's Cutter

Among the stud relievers in the majors, Alex Colome is often overlooked. Pitching for Tampa Bay can do that, but the closer is holding an impressive 1.54 ERA and 0.94 so far this season and its all on the back of his filthy Cutter. The pitch is coming in right around 90mph with vicious late bite that is making batters act just like Adam Jones - frustrated and heading back to the dugout.

2. Masahiro Tanaka's Fastball

In case you missed it, Masahiro Tanaka was magnificent Thursday night against the Red Sox, giving us out first "Maddux" of the year as he pitched a Complete Game Shutout under 100 pitches. The talks is normally centered around Tanaka's world-famous Splitter, but his heater was doing plenty of damage last night. Check out its movement as Hanley Ramirez swung straight through the pitch in the fourth inning.

3. Robert Gsellman's Changeup

2017 has been a major disappointment thus far for Robert Gsellman - a ghastly 6.23 ERA, 3.74 BB/9, and 1.71 WHIP tell you everything you need to know - but don't overlook the fact that the deGrom look-alike has a deadly repertoire that can flip the script in a hurry. Look at what his Changeup can do in the GIF above: Start in the middle of the plate then fade dramatically down off the outside corner to earn a whiff from Jace Peterson. There's still plenty of time to turn things around for the young New York pitcher.

4. Jameson Taillon's Curveball

2017 has been all kinds of good to Jameson Taillon thus far, earning an excellent 2.13 ERA and averaging over six innings per start out of the gate. While he often gets his outs pounding heavy Fastball down-and-in to right-handers, his Curveball makes it incredibly tough for batters to be comfortable in the box. Just ask Michael Pineda, who isn't the most experienced hitter Taillon has faced and couldn't help himself from flinching as this hook bent over the plate for the backwards K.

5. Joe Kelly's Fastball

Joe Kelly made the transition for a questionable starting pitcher into a solid fireman for the Red Sox. One of the most common changes we see is a significant uptick in velocity given that relievers can let it loose at 100% with their much smaller pitch counts. Kelly is no exception, currently averaging 98.7mph on the gun, but he reared back for something special on this pitch hitting nearly 101.5mph on this elevated Fastball. Not even hot swinging Aaron Judge could do anything about it.

Nick Pollack is the founder of and contributor for The Washington Post. He can be found making an excessive amount of pitching GIFs on Twitter @ThePitcherList.

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