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The Rotation…

Super stoked to divulge into this topic, and as Bigcat and the boys over at Barstool like to say, let’s “embrace debate”.  Just like major league clubs have a pitching rotation, we’re doing exactly the same thing here, with a little twist.  We’re about to reveal our starting rotation in baseball accessories/flair/extras that may or may not contribute to enhancing performance on the field, but mentally it’s the bonus gear that gets you in the “look good, feel good, play good” mindset.  …plus if you have some swag, you look way show!

The Ace - Show Spikes

show sick baseball spikes awesome

As if this wasn’t going to be the ace of the rotation, and be the horse you want to throw in any big game.  A set of show spikes sets the precedence that I’m the man, and check me out from top to bottom, it’s all on point.  It’s an opportunity for a player to express his individuality by standing out with a set of spikes that turns heads and really enhances the overall look of the uniform.  In today’s game, so many of the young stars in the senior circuit have shoe companies lining up to sign guys to massive endorsement deals and then create shoes that represent their personality.  Honestly is there anything better than MLB All Star Week when the footwear is on fleek (yeah I said it) and basically every single dude has on a custom pair of kicks during workouts, and then the barrage of show spikes that occur during the actual ASG.  The shoe game is here to stay for sure, and I’ll forever give show spikes the ball in every big game because you know what you’re getting with a sick pair of spikes.

2. TV Tape Job

awesome baseball tape job

Don’t’ let the title of the 2nd man in the rotation fool you, I’m a big fan of a pro tape job, I just don’t know if it’s really a thing that actually does anything for the support of the wrists, thus we get “TV tape job”.  Term was coined along time ago when a little locker room banter discovered the previous thought, and we just figured that tape jobs were for the cameras and just added to the look of a baseball guy (which isn’t an inaccurate thought).  There is nothing better than seeing a dude with a superb tape job, little ¾ sleeve under the jersey, and taking the field with that big league swag, gives me goose bumps thinking about putting on the uniform again.  I’ll live and die with the tape job being the number 2 spot in the rotation, as it’s a staple for position players to add “support around the wrist area”, and to always look show for whoever may be watching!


3. Batting Gloves

sick baseball batting gloves

Echoing the same sentiments as show spikes, there’s nothing better than a set of BG’s that pop and enhance the uniform.  BG’s also serve as a solid souvenir for a fan, or on the opposite side of the coin can be a very useful way to vent some frustration after a bad AB.  Personally I’m not a big fan of seeing BG’s in the back pocket on defense, that’s not a very show move, but hey to each their own if you can pull it off, who am I to judge.  Batting gloves are a solid number 3 in the rotation, as they are always a fan favorite and give you a great chance to look show every time you step in the box.

4. Protective Armor

baseball shin and elbox guard

So these are the new guys on the scene within the last few years, and are really becoming prevalent as a cornerstone for useful, practical reasons as well as it enhances the big league way when you get in the box.  The elbow piece is my favorite accessory a hitter can rock because not only can you feel comfortable on a pitch inside, but it looks awesome to see the 1st base coach loaded up with all kinds of armor down there coaching.  I could go either way on the leg guard, as I understand the practical functionality of it, but it doesn’t really vibe with me like the elbow guard does.  Remember when Bonds introduced that robo-arm guard, and had no problem leaning out over the plate with that thing on before flicking one over the wall, ahhh to see how far we’ve come with the evolution of the protective accessory game, such a thing of beauty.

5. Eye Black/Sunglasses

baseball eyeblack and glasses

Unbelievable this is the 5th starter in the rotation, as this is a heavily slept on combo.  We should make it clear that these two things aren’t mutually exclusive, as either one can be utilized independently.  Eye black is such a baseball guy thing to do, when in reality it does nothing but contribute to the appearance of being a baseball dude.  Please tell me how the hell that stuff reduces the glare, I just can’t buy into that theory, but I get down with the look of it, and support it!  Sunglasses on the other hand I am 100% supportive of in any situation, minus a game under the lights.  I love the shades look either wearing them, or on top of the lid as Bryce shows us.  If you’re a baseball dude, shades are a must in your checklist of bonus items.  Such a slept on couple pieces at the end of the rotation that are a consistent and classic look to enhance the aura of a baseball player.

There it is, this is the rotation we’re sending out there every fifth day.  There are obviously many more additional pieces we didn’t even touch on, but making choices is tough sometimes.  Honorable mentions would’ve been the jaw protector on the helmet, or the wrist guard a runner wears when on the bags, however we had to keep it at a five man to maintain the integrity of the game.  Let us know your rotation, or what we might have missed.  


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